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Version 0.75 was released in May 2006.

Version 0.75

What's New/Changed

- You are now warned when someone tries to rob or arrest you.

- When you spawn (suspect classes), you are an Innocent Civilian (WHITE = Wanted Level 0) If you commit crimes, your wanted level will go up and you will become a suspect. Cops can't report, ticket or arrest Innocent Civilians. Cops get punished for killing Innocent Civilians.

- Crimes increase your wanted level ONLY if a cop is within 100 meters of you (distances may change). Murders always increase your wanted level no matter where you are.

- Stealing vehicles is now a crime (see above). The game keeps track of your current vehicle, so you aren't reported for taking your own vehicle.

- Wanted level now goes down with time, if no cops are in the area.

- When you rob someone, you now get anywhere from 1/6 to all of their money.

- Cops only get a bonus for killing a suspect with a Wanted Level of 5 and above (Warrant issued), and get punished for teamkills and killing innocent suspects.

- Robbing a cop increases your wanted level by 2

- Tickets: Your wanted level will only increase if you don't pay the ticket after a certain amount of time. Paying a ticket decreases your wanted level by 2.

- Your wanted level is now clearly indicated as it goes up and down.

- Fixed Jail Sentance time bug ( time displayed was wrong )

- Fixed other minor bugs

Version 0.75 Rev 6

What's New/Changed

- The time changes (unfortunatly I can only update hours, so some time changes are rather sudden)

- Killing a cop or stealing a cop car now gives you a high wanted level

- Attempting to escape from jail prolongs your sentence.

- Notify cops when a crime is committed within a certain area

- Changed C.I.A and Secret Service Spawnpoints

- Selling cars at docks (only certain kind of cars can be sold, a message will tell you when you have one - bring it to docks near the crane and type /sell)