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Version 1.0 was released in May 2006.

Version 1.0

What's New/Changed

- Fixed alot of little details...

- Drugs now keep your health up for a certain amount of time after you buy them, depending on how much you got.

- New Driver Classes: Pilot, Mafia Driver, Female Taxi Driver and Bus Driver.

- New Suspect Classes

- Raping & STDS. Type /rape to rape someone. Raping lowers the other persons health and increases yours, and might also give them an STD. STD's bring your health down with time, and can only be cured by Medics / Mad Scientists.

- Prostitution. Type /sex to call a whore. Watch out for those nasty STD's!

- Location Info! - By Mr.X The game always gives you location info, use /locate or /loc to locate yourself or someone else.

- Speedometer! - By Vick. See your speed when in a car! You can turn it off, and set the units you want (MPH/KPH). Type /speed [ off / kmh / mph ] (The speedometer is on KM/H automatically when you connect.)

- Cops can use /wanted or /warrants to get a list of suspects with warrants, and /mostwanted or /mw for a list of the most wanted suspect.

- New look and feel, easier to read messages.

- And of course, LV!!! Don't worry, SF is still there, we will alternate every day or so... Also, the gamemode automatically restarts after a "game week" (7 game days = 7 * 24mins)

Version 1.0 Rev 5

What's New/Changed

- The first, and most important is the Score (press TAB). Before, only kills counted towards your score. Now, pretty much anything you do modifies your score.

- Second thing is that you can now call for a medic or mad scientist (someone who can heal you) by typing in /heal, just like you would call a drug dealer, prostitute or driver.