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Version 1.1 was released in June 2006.

Version 1.1

What's New/Changed

- Nick Registration / Login System

- /me command. Yes, like on irc, type /me action

- No more using /kill to get out of jail. :)

- Less weapons (but more variety) and more cash on spawn.

- Fixed typos and female taxi driver bug.

- Fixed "stealing same cop car" bug.

- Higher initial Lotto Jackpot

- Auto-Kick for web site advertising (So be careful!)

- Fixed auto-backup time check bug

- Advertising for medics

- Big bonus for hitmen

- Only need 1 cop takedown for /refill instead of 2

- Longer wait time for robberies

- No robbing / raping a driver (you can still rape or rob passengers)

- No robbing / raping same person twice

- No robbing / raping in Ammunation or Restaurants

- Smaller Rob / Rape / Arrest radius

- Robbing / Raping cops = High wanted level

- Wanted level 6 for warrants instead of 5

- No giving / paying tickets if a warrant is issued

- No more raping outside of jail cell / into a jail cell.