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Beta 4 was released in January 2007.

C2 Beta 4

What's New/Changed

- Fixed Auto Wanted Level Lower When Far From Cops

- Fixed Regular Player Level display on login

- Fixed Regular Player Level 2 no login ban

- Fixed no civilians on police bikes

- Increased Arrest Assist Range

- Every ticket collected now increases score for cops

- Most Wanted Level can now decrease if very far from cops

- Fixed other bugs / typos

- Added More Buying Locations

- Added San Fiero City Hall Entrance

- Added crime "Harboring Criminals" for drivers with wanted passengers (taxi, bus, limo, air drivers excluded)

- Added /givedrugs (nick/id) (qty) Command for giving drugs for free

- Added Fishing (type /fishhelp for more information)

- Added Truck Deliveries (type /delivery in a TRUCK)

- Added Horse Betting in Off Track Betting, City Hall and Regular Players Club

- Added Dice Betting between players (/dice (nick/id) [bet])

- Added Drink Delivery for Food Delivery Workers ( /beer )

- Added a "Drunk" Effect while walking or driving

- Added Casino Robberies (Las Venturas Only)

- Changed Map Rotation (LV, SF, LS)