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Beta 6 was released in April 2007.

C2 Beta 6

What's New/Changed

- Kidnappers are driver color when driving driver vehicles (taxi, bus, limo)

- /kidnapall [ransom] (/kda) command to kidnap all passengers

- Life Insurance, lets you continue your current life if you die

- Health Insurance, gives you free heals, cures and condoms

- /insuranceinfo ( /ii )

- Tax Refunds at city Hall

- Bank and bank accounts for current life. Enter the bank checkpoint or use /deposit [amount] or /withdraw [amount] (/dep and /wit) (1 bank enterance per city)

- /moneyinfo ( /$i )

- Capturing deer that attack your plants

- Hunting Permit

- Accepting jail breakouts (/breakout) People can't break you out unless you accept

- Plant GPS that can be purchased, used to track your plants (/gps)

- More health increase for all food purchases at checkpoints (not in restaurants)

- Working ladders at the SF Airport

- Added small beep for new private messages. Can be disabled in /settings

- Takedowns for police and autojail for suspects who quit to avoid arrest

- No taxes for Con Artists

- Civilians can go on duty as temporary police officers. (Checkpoint in pd)

- Disabled /report for low ranking police officers (below level 2)

- Removed the bad kidnap point in LS

- Increased lottery daily participation bonus (based on number of players)

- Better lottery advertising

- /buy [#] for all buying checkpoints instead of having to re-enter the checkpoint

- Reduced Skill change price

- Reduced Maximum Jail Time

- Fixed buying 10 seeds from 24/7s

- Fixed weird STD & Drug interaction preventing death

- Fixed "already have the specified weapon" for chainsaw and others

- Increased drug refill prices for drug dealers

- Added public drug refill point at Los Santos crack house

- Fixed other typos and bugs

C2 Beta 6.1

What's New/Changed

- Modified life insurance prices (depends on how many lives you currently have insured, and how many "deaths" in your current life)

- Made the speedometer ALOT more precise

- Fixed some Plant GPS bugs, like Plant GPS in a car you can sell

- Added some new stats

- Increased Cop bonuses and pay

- Increased Driver default fares

- Added Bank Interest

- Kidnappers now see calls for drivers and driver messages when in a driver vehicle (taxi, bus, limo)

- Fixed the losing stats/score bug

- Disabled Team PM

- Added Location information for stolen plants

- Diseases are cured on respawn with Life Insurance

- Prostitution is now Legal in San Fierro

- Added new hidden pickups and pickup collected stat

- Added an option to pay hits and taxes from bank account first (available at the bank)

- 2 New 24/7s in the LV area

- Psyra's Bait Shop (sells stuff)

- Added new Truck Delivery points

- Increased max bank transaction amounts

- Fixed typos and other bugs