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Beta 8 was released in July 2007.

C2 Beta 8

What's New/Changed

- Player Clock / Smooth time Changes

- Weather patterns

- Different Worlds for different interiors (shops)

- Wanted Stars

- GTA Menus (can be turned off in /settings)

- Weapons allowed in interiors (except for PD, only Cops have weapons)

- Full weapon and ammo saving

- Armor for cops when starting a new life

- Armor saving

- Buying vehicles (2 dealerships per city)

- Fixed Cops losing money when arresting someone doing a holdup

- Added Body Armor to cop /refill

- Dancing commands (/dance [1 - 4])

- /handsup (more to come using this feature)

how do i get thjat?

- Started adding animations (Pissing, extreme drunk)

- Animation Commands: /wave /flipoff (has other names, lol) /scratch

- BitchSlapping Corpses : /bitchslap

- Increased Store Holdup $$ Amounts

- Fixed /buy at Psyra's Bait Shop

- Adxcfsfdfdfdfdfdffdfthe "sub-mission" button (2 by default on the keyboard) to arrest or ticket or ask to pullover as a cop (it choses by itself).

- Gamemode Changes: Automatic Gamemode Changes have been re-enabled for testing. You will be Automatically Kicked when the gamemode changes, This ISN'T A BUG. Hopefully this will end the server crash problem. If not, gamemode changes will return to manual changing only.