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Beat 9 was released in August 2007.

C2 Beta 9

What's New/Changed

- Added the proper map name to the server browser

- Many new animation related commands and animations in existing commands. /animations for a full menu-list

- Yes and No animations (/yes and /no , or yes no in chat - can be disabled in /settings)

- /mourn [nick/id] (corpse) Mourn someone's death

- /showoff Show yourself off

- /hide Hide and cower

- /ride Ask for a ride / hitch-hike

- /go Flag drop animation for racing

- /wank [nick/id] Jerk off on someone

- /point [nick/id] Point at someone

- /puke [nick/id] Vomit on someone

- /come [nick/id] Asks someone to come

- /stop [nick/id] Asks someone to stop

- /sit [1-9] 9 Different sitting and lying down styles

- /leansmoke

  • Note that certain anims (such as Wave and Sit) are different for different genders.

- /freeze for suspects to "surrender".

- New stats

- Fixed the cop "SUB-MISSION BUTTON" hotkey a bit

- Disabled flashing people inside vehicles

- Enabled waving to people outside of your jail cell

- Added possible Fish Slap death

- Increased health gain from eating fish

- Locked police helis and boats for civilians

- Added sniper rifle to default weapons for hitmen and cops special forces

- Added interior location information to /suspects and /warrants

- No flashing / pissing on / puking on ect.. the same person twice in a row

- Added paying ticket inside PD if no cops close (/pay)

- Warranted suspects are automatically ejected from ammunation

- "Hit Cancelled" messages for hitmen

- Shooting in public detection is now stricter and leads to a warrant

- Daily Sales at the Car Dealerships

- Vehicle sell prices at the crane now depend on vehicle damage

- /robberies or /rob lists current robberies in progress for cops

- Removed civilian weapons inside Police Department

- Removed weapons inside Regular Players Club

- Removed weapons when kidnapped

- New Hotbox System: /hotbox [qty] to put out a certain amount of drugs

- /smoke [qty] to smoke some of the offered drugs (hotbox)

- You can now use $vars and 10-codes in the main chat, not only in commands

- Player to player ignore: /ignore [nick/id] /ignoreinfo

- All chat is auto-muted for 3 seconds after long chat display (such as /help, /stats, ect..)

- Player speeds back to accurate system (speedometer, pullover speed ect..)

- Added more vehicles throughout the 3 cities

- Fixed animations not showing sometimes (see bottom note)**

- Added a new BUSTED animation for both arresting cop and suspect.

- Added Drivers to the Skill Select menu.

- Added more help messages

- Fixed many bugs

C2 Beta 9.5

What's New/Changed

- New welcome message, help and rules

- New on screen command lists

- New on screen box menus

- OnScreenText (OST) for game messages / cop messages

- On screen location & day display (All these updates reduce chat box spam)

- Mandatory 1 time police training for ALL cops

- Map (radar) icons for important locations, car sell and truck deliveries

- Added interior information to /loc

- Added Angel Pine bait shop & LV Old Strip Sex Shop

- Increase bank interest

- Reduced tax rates

- Better time sync

- Fixed ticket pay hotkey (note: two keys to press while in a vehicle)

- Fixed time skip bug

- Fixed other minor bugs

C2 Beta 9.8

What's New/Changed

- Improved Player Processing Script Core

- Modified Drug & STD Interactions

- Drugs are less powerful

- Multiple STDs result in a higher loss of health

- Added Los Santos CIA HQ & CIA Spawn

- Added second Las Venturas Sheriff Spawn (El Quebrados)

- Added police helicopters & checkpoint for cops to Las Venturas PD

- Increased drunk effect on foot and in vehicles

- Fixed bank robbery issues

- Reduced chance of sea monster attacks

- Added Plant GPS & 1 Drug seed Items to drug refill point

- Added new quantity selections to drug refill point

- Added new weapons and armor to arms dealers selection

- Modified weapons & levels for cop /refill

- Modified Cop Arrest Animation Exit (press a key to end the animation)

- Added a missing "Ticket Paid" message on screen

- Fixed / Modified menu usage (menus stay open after a successful purchase until you close them)

- Removed multiple crimes for multiple weapon sales to the same player (arms dealers)

- Added "MMB" auto-message and auto-mute

- Fixed all location information for interiors

- Law enforcement Medics and Arms dealers can arrest

- Medic /healme doesn't give full health

- Medic /cureme has a wait time and a chance of failing

- Removed Medic /healcureme

- Added Medic Purchase Menus. The command to call medics / pruchase / sell as a medic is now /medic (old commands will automatically redirect)

- Reduced drug dealer max drug carry and amount of drugs on new life

- Increased drug plant growth rate for drug dealers

- Added Drug Dealer Purchase Menus. To command to call drug dealers / purchase / sell drugs is now /drugs (old commands will automatically redirect). The advantage to the new system is being able to have discounts based on the amount purchased, and ease of use.

- Reduced minimum drug sell price to 75$ / gram

- Arms Dealers / Street Vendors / Medics / Drug Dealers can set their own prices (for the items they sell) using the /prices command (Prices are saved until you change skills)

- Street vendors can no longer sell items inside the police departments

- Kidnappers no longer report their real skill in /info

- New Information Boxes for Skill Info on new life

- New Information Boxes for current life info on spawn

- Redid /info [nick/id] using Text Draws

- Redid /myinfo (/mi) using Text Draws and added more information

- Added new price request menus for horse bets / bank deposit & withdraw

- Added new jail info text draw

- Fixed 24/7 exit checkpoints after holdup not appearing

- Added random vehicles near all the spawnpoints

- Added /training command to go to police training (cops)

- Added /cell to change cells in jail. (You can only change cells once per jail visit)

- Added /cpr animation (corpses)

- Added /kiss animation

- Added /flowers to give your flowers to someone

- Added more "showoff" animations. This command is now also binded to the "ACTION" Button on foot. This Button is "TAB" by default on keyboard, which also displays the sa-mp player list. You can change the key assignment in your GTA Options to another unused key, making it an effective "taunt" button :D

- Increased Maximum Horse Bet Amount

- Fixed other bugs

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