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Version 20.2 - Christmas Update

Christmas Update!

  • Christmas trees and decorations
  • Type /tree near any christmas tree to receive a gift.
  • Santa is dropping random gifts at random spots throughout the city
  • Special Christmas clothing items
  • Special Christmas food/drink items
  • Special pets that you can only receive during the christmas event.
  • Players can give eachother gifts. Use /givegift to give a gift to another player. You will be able to

    select what gift and how much to send.

  • Santa Mission! One player is chosen at random to be Santa for 5 game hours. Santa must distribute gifts to as many players as possible.
  • The bots and admins will be giving out gifts!


  • Street Vendors can now sell more drink items
  • Added a No Group Invite setting. Use /settings or /noinvite.
  • Fixed some other bugs and issues

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