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Version 23

Version 23 is the current version of CnR. It was released on 23rd of May, 2015.

What's New / Changed


  • Because of the amount of new features, everyone's lives have been reset.
  • All players must start a new life
  • This includes your current life, houses, clothes and stocks
  • Your score and total stats have not been changed
  • All Records (race challenges, dm stadium) have been reset
  • Please remember that with no houses, there will be no house delivery missions or maid missions for a few days

Visual Update

  • The Welcome Screen, Help, Rules, and other displays have been redone.
  • Game Messages (middle of your screen) have been redone, the default size is now smaller.
  • You can adjust the size of Game Messages in your Display Settings (/display).
  • Help Messages (above OST) have been redone, the default size is now smaller.
  • You can adjust the size of Help Messages in your Display Settings.
  • There is now a new Level Display below your Cash (or Wanted Stars) which displays your Wanted Level or Rank.
  • The Level Display is always on by default.
  • You can change how the Level Display works in your Display Settings.
  • Level Display options: On = Always On Off = Never Display Civilian = Civilian Only Auto-Hide = Display on change and hide after a few seconds
  • Added a condensed (smaller) GPS Status Display. This is on by default, and can be turned off in your display settings
  • Everyone's Help Messages have been turned on for this update. You can turn them off as usual in /settings

Police Training

  • Police training has been redone entirely
  • There is now a short minimum time on each page before you can advance to the next page
  • Removed the /training command
  • You can now only start police training from the Police Department Bot menu
  • All players will have to redo police training once for version 23

New Buttons For Menus / Interactions

  • Y is now the default Use/Interact Key
  • When using the Use/Interact key, objects/players are detected by what you are looking at.
  • This means you now use Y to use or interact with whatever your character is looking at
  • Press Y to use any in-game machine (ex: ATM) you are looking at
  • Press Y to purchase items or services from Bots/Store Clerks you are looking at
  • You can also press Y to purchase items from any player you are looking at who can sell items
  • The regular commands (ex: /buy) still work as usual
  • The default key for closing menus and other boxes is now N
  • The old keys/buttons for closing menus still work

New Locations / Map Changes

  • Added the CnR Radio Tower on Missionary Hill
  • Added the LS Art Gallery in LS
  • Added a U-Get-Inn Motel in Bone County
  • The Ammunation in Bone County has been moved down the road to the shooting range location
  • Added a Bait Shop in Bone County
  • Added location name for Madrigal
  • Added Chivo's House (paid by your taxes!)
  • Added a Bank in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Church in Angel Pine
  • Added a Church in LS Las Colinas
  • Added a Church in Bayside
  • Added a 24/7 in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Bar in Las Payasadas
  • Added a Bar in LS El Corona
  • Added a Diner in Blueberry
  • Added a Truck Stop in Fort Carson
  • Moved the Drug Refill Point in Las Payasadas to Madrigal
  • Added a Garage Purchase Point at the South East LV Xoomer
  • Added new random spawns in all cities
  • New Casinos
  • Added a Casino in San Fierro (near Ocean Flats)
  • Added a Casino in Los Santos (in Temple)
  • Added the High Roller Casino in LV. You must have at least 10 million $ (cash + bank) to enter the High Roller Casino.
  • No crimes are tolerated at the High Roller Casino
  • The new Casinos (except for the High Roller) can be robbed.

Bots / Store Clerks

  • [BOT]Anna is now at LV City Hall
  • [BOT]Rosie is now at SF City Hall
  • Added [BOT]Eve at LS City Hall
  • [BOT]David is now retired
  • [BOT]TestDrive is now available for LS
  • Added shop clerks at all stores, strippers at strip clubs, and blackjack dealers at blackjack tables
  • These shop clerks are not BOTs, and will not chat or respond to things like /wave
  • Press Y while looking at any BOT Selling Items/Services or Store Clerk to interact with them


  • Entirely reworked the checkpoint streaming
  • Fixed issues with kidnapper hideouts not showing properly
  • Fixed issues with drug plants being hidden by other checkpoints
  • Lowered minimum distance to any checkpoint for planting drugs. This means you can plant drugs in more locations
  • Removed checkpoints inside stores (replaced with Store Clerks)
  • Removed checkpoints for houses (replaced with House Icon Pickups)


  • House checkpoints have been replaced by House Icon pickups.
  • The House Icon colors have the same meaning as on the House Webmap (or see the Houses Page)
  • House Icon colors: Green = For Sale By Bank Red = Owned / Not For Sale Blue = For Rent Yellow = For Sale By Owner
  • Removed some houses which were in Hotels/Motels
  • Added new houses to replace the removed houses, and more. There are now over 1500 houses.
  • Added a new fancy house neighborhood in Rockshore West
  • Added other new houses, we'll let you find them
  • Lowered the prices of the added houses in Whitewood Estates
  • Adjusted the prices of other special houses around the map
  • Please note that the House Webmap data will be updated in the upcoming weeks

Horse Bets

  • Added Horse Bet Machines in City Hall, Bars, Casinos, and other locations
  • Bots at City Hall and The Regular Players Club no longer sell horse bets, you must use the machines
  • Press Y while looking at a Horse Bet Machine or type /horsebet to place a horse bet
  • You can type /horsebet at anytime when you have a horse bet for information on your bet
  • You can use /horsebet anywhere inside Inside Track Betting or Woozie's


  • Added more ATMs
  • New object model for ATMs
  • Press Y while looking at an ATM or type /atm to use an ATM

CnR Lottery

  • Added a Lottery Menu / Information display (/lotto)
  • The lotto menu shows information about the current jackpot, as well as the previous days lotto results and winner.
  • You can pick a lotto number from the lotto menu
  • You can pick a random number (that isn't taken) from the lotto menu
  • You can also type /lotto random or /lotto rand to pick a random number

Fireman Mission

  • Added a fireman mission/job
  • Fires will break out within the city at random times
  • The first fireman to reach and extinguish the fire in a firetruck receives a bonus
  • Type /fire in a firetruck to begin a firetruck mission when a fire has been reported
  • Fireman missions are available to all Law Enforcement agents

Paramedic/Ambulance Mission

  • Added a paramedic/ambulance mission
  • Type /mission in an ambulance to begin an ambulance mission
  • Pick up as many patients as you can within the mission time and bring them to the closest hospital
  • You can bring the patient to any hospital, the auto-gps will show you the closest
  • Paramedic missions are available to all Law Enforcement agents

Private Investigator Mission

  • Added a Private Investigator Mission for civilians
  • This is very similar to the Manhunt mission, you must find the target player within the given time
  • Type /vc within 50 meters of the target player once you have found them
  • There is a random chance of the target player being notified of you looking for them
  • You can begin a Private Investigator Mission at the Police Department Bot

Hippie Mission

  • Added a Hippie Mission for civilians
  • Give at least 50 grams of drugs (total) to 5 different players
  • You can find the Hippie Mission location using /gps

Other Missions

Public Transit Card

  • Added CnR Public Transit Card item
  • A Public Transit Card gives you free access to Public Transportation (buses) as well as most airport services
  • Public Transit Cards expire after a game week

Ammo Bag

  • Added Ammo Bag item
  • An Ammo Bag lets you purchase/carry more ammo for each weapon
  • Ammo Bags are lost on death or arrest

ACME Insta-Fix

  • Added ACME Insta-Fix Item
  • ACME Insta-Fix lets you repair your vehicle instantly, without exiting the vehicle.
  • You must be stopped to use an ACME Insta-Fix
  • Anyone in the vehicle can use an ACME Insta-Fix on the vehicle
  • You can only carry one ACME Insta-Fix at a time
  • /instafix to use your ACME Insta-Fix
  • Other players nearby get a notification when an Insta-Fix is used
  • *ACME Corporation not responsible for random vehicle explosions.

Other Items

Weapons / Ammo

  • Limited the maximum amount of ammo you can purchase/carry per weapon
  • You can purchase an ammo bag to increase the amount of ammo you can purchase
  • Everyone in the DM Stadium will now always receive 2500 ammo for all their weapons on each new life
  • Weapon prices have been adjusted, some weapons now cost less

Car Surfing

  • Weapon accuracy is now reduced when you are standing on a moving vehicle
  • The accuracy reduction is based on vehicle speed, so more of your shots will miss as the vehicle goes faster
  • This only applies to car surfing
  • You may see your shots hitting the vehicle when they actually aren't
  • You will receive a message reminding you of this once per login if you shoot while car surfing.

Police Refill Credits

  • All items purchased with Police Refill Credits now cost a different amount of credits, depending on the item
  • Bigger weapons cost more refill credits etc
  • Health and Armor refills at PD now cost a refill credit each
  • Police Officers can now purchase some other items at regular shops/garages with Police Refill Credits (vehicle repair for example)
  • Police Officers can purchase items or services from Police Technicians with Police Credits
  • If you don't have enough refill credits for an item, you can purchase it for money instead (not at PD Refill)
  • You can now see the amount of Police Refill Credits you have on the /inventory display
  • Lowered the amount of refill credits received automatically based on rank

Send GPS Destination To Driver

  • As a passenger in a vehicle, you can now send a gps destination to the vehicle driver
  • The driver must accept the destination request
  • You can use this for robbery hideouts and missions as well, you can give your getaway driver the location of your robbery hideout for example
  • Also useful for drivers on duty (taxi drivers etc)
  • /driverdest to send a destination request to your vehicle driver (the gps menu will appear to select the destination to send)
  • You can disable GPS Destination requests in the /settings menu

Store Holdups

  • You must be looking at a Store Clerk to begin a holdup
  • Wanted players can now do holdups
  • The store being robbed will be closed during a holdup and for a short time after a holdup


  • Fish prices have been adjusted
  • Fishing while surfing on a boat has been improved
  • People standing on a boat with a driver fishing can now use /fishmsg
  • A caught fish can now randomly be eaten by pesky birds
  • Added a fishing animation when holding a fishing rod and not in a vehicle
  • Added on-foot fishing areas, where you can fish without a boat
  • These fishing areas are at: Fisher's Lagoon Dock, LS Second Pier, Angel Pine Beach and Bayside Small Pier
  • You will find a Help Icon with information at these fishing areas

Truck Deliveries

  • Adjusted bonuses for some items
  • Added a few new items
  • Added Chivo's House as a delivery location

New Skins

  • Added the new skins from SA-MP 0.3.7, including quite a few new cop skins
  • The new civilian skins are at the end of the list, before the cop skins
  • Changed some skin class names


  • Added new clothes/accessories items
  • Added new special clothes items
  • Redid prices for all clothes/accessories items
  • You can no longer sell a clothes item back to a store for a few gamedays after purchasing it

Hiding Drugs

  • Players can now hide drugs (drop a package of drugs), like hidden money bags
  • Type /hidedrugs [qty] to drop a package of drugs
  • Unlike dropped money bags, other players will not be notified that you have dropped drugs
  • You can pick up your drug package yourself later, or other players can take it
  • Hidden drugs stay on the map when a player quits
  • Hidden drugs are all removed when the city changes, and are not saved (only last 1 game week)
  • Hidden drugs are always not-fresh (even if you hid fresh drugs)

Police Technician Skill

  • The class/skill Police Arms Dealer has been replaced by the Police Technician
  • Police Technicians can sell weapons to Law Enforcement like an Arms Dealer, as well as Mechanic services like a mechanic
  • Police Technicians can use /vehrepair like mechanics
  • Police Technicians cannot give tickets or report, but they can arrest wanted suspects
  • Police Technicians cannot call for backup, but they can use /copmsg
  • Police Technicians can sell items/services to Law Enforcement agents only
  • Police Technicians can sell items/services for Police Refill Credits
  • Police Technicians get a discount on sell items from stores
  • Law Enforcement agents calling for /weapons will call a Police Technician
  • Law Enforcement agents calling for a /mechanic will call for a Police Technician or Mechanic

Player Races

  • Players can race eachother for money
  • When you create a race, you select a destination and a bet amount
  • Once you have created a race, you can invite other nearby players to the race
  • Players can choose if they enter a race when invited
  • All racers will pay the bet, the winner gets the entire jackpot
  • The race owner decides when to start the 10 second countdown for race start
  • The race can be set to let all players or finish, or end when the first player reaches the destination
  • Type /race to begin a race or to access the race menu
  • You can access all race features from the race menu, or using commands
  • /racemsg [msg] to send a message to other players in the race
  • /racejoin to join a race when invited
  • /racequit to leave a race
  • /racestart to start the countdown (race owner only)
  • /raceinvite [nick/id] to invite a player to the race
  • /racekick [nick/id] to kick a player from the race (race owner only)
  • /racelist to list players in your current race
  • /racehelp for a list of race commands
  • Player Race quickstrings: $rdest $rdist $rtime
  • Please see the Player Races Page for a complete list of Player Race features and commands.


  • You can now rent hotel rooms at most hotels/motels throughout San Andreas
  • Hotel rooms are paid daily
  • When you quit the game inside a hotel room, you will spawn there the next time you rejoin on the same city
  • You can also purchase a car save for your hotel room, allowing you to save your car as well when you quit
  • Visit any hotel checkpoint to rent a room
  • You can select the type of room you want to rent, along with car save and safe deposit box options
  • Different types of rooms have different rental rates
  • A safe deposit box lets you save a small amount of money in your hotel room
  • Some hotels will only have one main entrance checkpoint, others will let you enter your room from the lobby or from your room checkpoint
  • You can invite players to your hotel room
  • You can order Room Service (purchase food/drinks) from your hotel room
  • Each player can rent up to 10 hotel rooms per life
  • /hotels to see a list of your hotel rentals
  • /hotel inside a hotel for your room menu
  • $hotel quickstring to display the hotel room location you are currently in
  • Police officers can enter hotel rooms with suspects inside
  • Hotels have been added to the GPS Destination menu
  • Some houses have been removed which were in hotels/motels

Casino Games

  • Added scripted CnR Casino games: Slot Machines, Blackjack, Video Poker
  • You can now play casino games in CnR!
  • You can find Casino games in any Casino, in Dance Clubs, Strip Clubs and Bars
  • Press Y while looking at any casino game to being playing
  • Different games are available for the Slot Machines, with different odds and payouts
  • You select your wager amount when you begin playing
  • High stakes (higher bet amounts) games are avaiable at the High Roller Casino
  • Casino games can be played with the mouse, or with text & keypresses (default is mouse)
  • /casinosettings to change your casino game settings
  • Please note that when playing some games with keypresses, you will have to press Y for some options, and enter text values for other options
  • Slot Machines: Try to get a match with 3 random symbols.
  • Blackjack: You must get a better hand than the dealer, without going over 21.
  • Video Poker: Try to get the best poker hand with 5 cards.


  • All robberies have been redone entirely. There shouldn't be much change from the old robbery system, however there are improvements and new details
  • Robberies now use the updated menu system (no difference visually, but you can move these menus up and down in settings etc)
  • Each robbery now has individual settings, minimum/maximum times, bonuses, chances, etc.
  • Robberies closer to police activity have been made a bit easier, robberies further from police have been made a bit harder
  • The chance of immediately failing a robbery now depends on different factors. (See Robberies Page)
  • The alarm for a robbery location will no longer go off immediately. Cops will not be notified of the robbery until the alarm goes off
  • Cops are notified of the robbery once the alarm goes off
  • The time before the robbery goes off depends on different factors. (See Robberies Page)
  • If a law enforcement agent gets close to you during a robbery, the alarm will go off immediately
  • There is now an alarm sound for robbery alarms
  • The time you have to wait to complete the robbery is now variable, and yes you guessed it, depends on different factors! (See Robberies Page)
  • The payout for all robberies now depends on the amount of cops and civilians on the server
  • tl;dr: Many things can change the outcome of robberies. You can use different strategies to improve the chance of a successful robbery.
  • You can now move around more while waiting during a robbery. You don't have to stay "in" the checkpoint (if there is one)
  • Added Methylamine Robbery at K.A.C.C. Fuels in LV. Find the barrel of methylamine in the warehouse.
  • Added SF Casino Robbery.
  • Added SF Cargo Ship Robbery. You are a pirate!
  • Added Zombotech Robbery in SF. Steal the secret zombie documents.
  • Changed the Drug Factory Robbery in SF. You now have to find the package of drugs in the factory after the wait time.
  • Added LS Temple Casino Robbery.
  • You can now drop items at anytime for robberies where you carry items (Airport Robberies, KACC Robbery).
  • /drop or /box or MMB to drop an item you are carrying. You can then pick it up where you dropped it.
  • You can now use a Garbage Truck for the airport robberies
  • Use /robbery to start all robberies
  • Bank robberies can remove a bit more money from rich people's accounts.
  • Banks are now closed during a robbery, and for a while after a robbery.
  • Added new robbery hideouts for all cities


  • Added stats for Tips Cash Given and Tips Cash Received
  • Increased the minimum time between being sued
  • Lowered range to offer a bribe in interiors (except when in jail)
  • Lowered the chance of random explosion while cooking drugs
  • Added some new /showoff and /showoff2 animations
  • Undercover police cars now have audible sirens (not lights)
  • Added some new billboards
  • Added a sound for the SA-MP Office Tower elevator when it reaches a destination floor
  • Many other script core improvements and changes
  • Fixed other bugs, typos and issues

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