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About me
In-game name CrazyShannon
Forum name CrazyShannon
Joined CnR 2009-2010
Group(s)/gang(s) DoT
Main skill(s) Con Artist, Arms Dealer, Fishing, Hitman, Rapist
Favourite car(s) BF-400, Turismo, Buffalo, Infernus, Cheetah
Favourite aircraft Rustler, Maverick, Dodo

CrazyShannon joined CnR Sometime back in 2009-2010

He is a regular player, and is loved by most players, His specialties include:

  • Completing Hits
  • Selling weapons
  • Helping other players out
  • Robbing cash (hehe)

Please note, that due to confusion, that CrazyShannon is a Male, NOT Female.

Shannon was born and raised in Australia, Discovering SA:MP by randomly typing in google "san andreas multiplayer" Hence, he found SA:MP and started playing CnR.

If You'd like to know more about Shannon, please contact him on the forums or In-Game.

Forum Profile: Click me

If you'd like further contact, Add Shannon on facebook, With a PM of who you are.

Facebook: Click me

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