Fishing And Hunting (short: Fish / Hunt) is a group created by Edski around May/June 09.

Players in the group are not specifically required to fish or hunt, and many different skills are often in the group.

It is an in game group, as opposed to a CnR gang, which means members of various CnR gangs are occasionally seen in this group.

"This group is still very new, but I think it has been going very well. And it has been a privilige to have had many good CnR players in the group".


The group has been growing in popularity, but still restricts who can join, in order to keep it a place where good regulars can play.

That doesn't mean we are not open to new good regulars joining, just that the joining process is a little different.

This group has been inactive since mid 2010, despite it being a successful and popular group.

Members(past and present)


  • Edski (group leader)
  • Morris (Group leader and joint founder)
  • mansonh (Retired GL)
  • Dunkno (group leader)
  • MrsMoney (group leader)
  • Daeman
  • Exit
  • [lt]Money$$$(Group Leader)
  • soolian
  • Hamchilla
  • Kerjifire
  • PhilMcrakin(dinghy crew)
  • Bullet_krank(dinghy crew)
  • Santoz(dinghy crew)
  • Trotter(dinghy crew)
  • Caramel(dinghy crew)
  • azn069
  • Sights101
  • Everything.

  • many more(feel free to add yourself if you have been in this group)