Any player is allowed to make their own group or gang, as long as the gang follows the rules. Groups are encouraged to focus on a similar task, hopefully adding to the CnR economy.

Police groups

Currently, there are several police groups in CnR, such as ASAP.

History of police groups

There have been many police groups in CnR, SAPD being the largest. SACS, another large police group, was created on March 9th, 2008 by J. Emerson but disbanded in June 2008 as a result of a ruling by CrazyBob. SACS later returned, under various names and tags. SAPD also disbanced, although members of SAPD still play together, but not as a police group or under the SAPD tag.

Civilian and criminal groups (or gangs)

There are many gangs in CnR, but only 2 current gangs have achieved much success – SAM, and DMH. SAM are a large gang on CnR who play as different skills. DMH are a hitman-based group who have shown to be unpopular with a lot of new and some older players (mainly SAM members), obviously because they do a lot of killing, although they are generally well liked and respected by a lot of players. Street Justice is a criminal gang that robs people, and apparently upholds justice.

There were civilian groups in CnR as well, such as Towelie's Food Empire and a number of driver-orientated groups, although none are currently active on CnR.

<3 is the only social club in CnR.

"Dead" groups

There are many "dead" or inactive groups in CnR, usually which "die" because of inactivity of its members. However, some groups have had to disband because of other reasons, most notably SAPA and Fish. Several groups and gangs have died (or very nearly died) and have been reformed over the years, however, RT being an example.

Group guidelines

"Gangs should work together to do their jobs, not randomly kill people. Gangs of hitmen, rapists, ect... are good, they keep the CrazyBob Economy going. Gangs who just go around randomly killing people will be kicked. CrazyBob's is NOT a deathmatch server. You should only kill someone if you have a very good reason to. Gangs who go around killing cops will also be kicked."

CnR forums

Rivalries between groups

A recent (and possibly biggest) rivalry between groups was between SAM and DMH. A lot of arguments took place on the forums (later stopped by Psyra) and eventually escalated into an ingame war between the two gangs.

Other group rivalries have been SAPD and SACS, as well as some gangs that have made most of the server hate them, usually for DMing (such as LCN).