A Hitman is one of the Skills Civilians can choose from in CrazyBobs.


Hitmen complete hit contracts which players place on other players for a certain amount of money.


'Hit' refers to a hit contract placed on a player on another player, and a player with a Hit.

The minimum Hit amount is $10.000, $1000 formerly.

If a Hit disconnects while a Hitman is near, the Hit placer is reimbursed 75% of the Hit amount, the Hitman closest to where the Hit quit receiving the other 25%.

Placing a random hit contract is against the rules.[1]

Skill specific commands

  • /hits - to see a list of Hits
  • /hit (nick/id) (amount) - to place a Hit
  • /cancelhit (nick/id) - to cancel a Hit

Non-skill specific commands

  • /info (nick/id) or /loc (nick/id) - to locate a Hit

Additional information regarding these commands

  • When you are placing a hit and don't specify an amount, if you have more than $25,000 on hand, your hit will automatically be placed at $25,000. If you have less than $25,000, it'll be put at $10,000.
  • When using /hits, the top of the list displays the closest target(s). However, players in an interior may be displayed as the "closest" but it's not always right.



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