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Luttapy joined CnR at the end of 2008 while it was SA-MP 0.2X. first I played with random nick names, but most of the time i played as 'SilentKiller'. back when i was new, all i did was stealing police vehicles and troll around. then after few months someone else registered/or started using  the nick SilentKiller, so i had to find a new name. at the middle of 2009, i registered as Luttapy and started playing as  cop most of the time.  i was not familer with forums  or IRC at that time. At the end of 2009, I registered on forums and started using IRC in 2011. Los Santos was my favorite map, but now i dont really play there. now i find fun playing in Las Venturas and San Fierro.  

its been almost 5 years in CnR, and it has changed alot. i thank CrazyBob and his scripting team for giving us such a wonderful server to play on. :) 
In-Game Nick: Luttapy
Status: Regular Player, Donating Player
Favorite Vehicle(s): Bullet,Cheetah, Infernus, FCR-900, Rustler, and Maverick
Favorite Skill(s): Drug Delear, Arms Delear, Hitman
Year Joined CnR: 2008
Favorite Map(s): Las Venturas and San Fierro

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