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Palomino Creek is a countryside town in Los Santos. It is very popular due to the fact it has the only bank in the countryside of LS and fishing due to the fact that a trail leads from Palomino Creek to Fisher's Lagoon, a very popular fishing spot.

This town has an

  • Church
  • General Store
  • Well Stacked Pizza

Location and Access

Palomino Creek is located at the northeast tip of Los Santos. You can access Palomino Creek from various places such as

  • Mulholland Intersection heading towards Red County before coming off Mulholland Intersection on the right side heading into Palomino Creek.
  • You can travel down East Beach (South Of Los Santos) and heading into Palomino Creek by turning left at the junction.
  • You can access it by travelling by boat on the water but having to stop at the Junction going down besides East Beach (Los Santos) and walking rest of the way.


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