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Do you like driving big vehicles? Do you want a quiet and safe way to earn money? Do you like driving around San Andreas? Then the Truck Delivery Missions are for you!

Getting Started

Choosing a vehicle

Before you get started on your Truck Delivery Mission, you need to choose a vehicle. You can start a delivery with any type of truck or van, as long as it is not any other type of vehicle (Ex. Cars, Bus, Police Vehicles). The only exceptions that cannot start Truck Delivery Missions are the Firetruck, Trashmaster, and Hotdog vehicles. (There may be more, I'll add them later)
Below is a list of trucks or vans that can be used for Truck Delivery Missions and their information according to city. I'll resize the images later...

Los Santos



  • Benson
    • Advantages - Small and Quick. It's also easy to flip back up if this truck falls down on its side.
    • Disadvantages - Its weight is quite heavy, and it's not the fastest truck out there.


  • Burrito
    • Advantages - It can travel pretty fast.
    • Disadvantages - It runs pretty poorly off road and can barely run when accelerating up a hill.


  • DFT-30
    • Advantages - The fastest truck in LS. It won't have a hard time pushing small objects out of the way since it's so long.
    • Disadvantages - When nearing top speed, this truck is difficult to turn. If you flip this truck over, you're screwed.


  • Linerunner
    • Advantages - The acceleration is good and its braking makes it easy to stop.
    • Disadvantages - Hard to turn if you don't use the brakes properly.


  • Yankee
    • Advantages - It's easy to control and stick to the road.
    • Disadvantages - Extremely slow. You won't be making good progress with this vehicle.




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