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In-game name Rashon
Forum name Rashon
Joined CnR 2007
Player status CnR Admin
Main skill(s) Drug Dealer, Cop
Favourite car(s) HPV-1000 (Bike), Cheetah
Favourite aircraft None, flying sux

Rashon is a recently Donating Player as of June 2011, and has been playing on the server on and off since 2007. In his early days, he had a really terrible computer that wasn't very capable of playing the game, so all he did was camp the Police Departments as a Cop. He left the server and came back in mid-2009, during which he was using a better computer and as a result, he stopped camping in Police Departments, and went out to catch criminals. He left the server again, but came back in June 2010, and has been around since.

Rashon initally used to be Cop in all three cities, but in 2009, he changed to a full-time Civilian in San Fierro, and in the summer of 2011, he changed to a full-time civilian in Las Venturas. As a Cop, Rashon used up to 95% of the time using an HPV-1000 to patrol the city, and had barely bothered to use cars. Now he has become more dynamic and has started to use police vehicles, his favorite being a Cheetah. As a Civilian, he likes to do drug delivery and house delivery missions, as well as Fish and do trucking missions.

Rashon joined DMH in mid-to-late-2011 after MetalFace's repeatedly successful attempts at bugging him on IRC. You can most likely find Rashon playing in San Fierro, chilling, because San Fierro is a great place to chill. [citation needed] Rashon's also one of the co-leaders of Sigma1's premier [citation needed] police social group in Los Santos called All Blue.

Rashon promoted to Admin in the 2012-2013 New Year's Admin Promotion, along with many others.

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