The Regular Players Club or "RPC" is a club for regular players of CnR.

Las Venturas

Regulars LV

Regular Players Club in LV.

This branch of the Regular Players Club is located in the Emerald Isle on the Northern End of The Strip, near the Police Department.

Las Venturas RPC - Satellite Location

San Fierro


Regular Player Club in SF.

This branch of the Regular Players Club is located in the Downtown San Fierro Hotel, across the street from the Big Pointy Building.

San Fierro RPC - Satellite Location

Old San Fierro RPC


The old San Fierro RPC has been moved on version 23 due the hotel update.

San Fierro old RPC - Satellite Location

Los Santos

Regulars ls

Regular Players Club in LS.

This branch of the Regular Players Club is located in Rodeo, the trendiest area of Los Santos.

Los Santos RPC - Satellite Location


From this club, you can access a bunch of special rewards.

  • Ten-thousand dollar pickup
  • Armor pickup
  • Access to banking options
  • Food and items are purchasable from a [BOT]
  • Horse Bets
  • Scratch and Win tickets
  • If you are going to be Away From the Keyboard for a while, this is a great place to stay.


There is only one rule:

  • Do not commit crimes! That includes punching people in the RPC.
  • In addition, many commands are disabled and wanted criminals/players with a hit can not enter the Regular Player Club.


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