Sturgeons are one of the types of fish that are able to be caught during Fishing in CrazyBobs.


Sturgeon are considered a good catch often fetching over $20, 000 each. They weigh in at around 600-1000lbs on average but have been known to reach over 2000lbs.

Real Life

Sturgeon are truly prehistoric fish. Most species are Fresh Water Bottom-Feeders. They have a reputation for jumping out of the water, sometimes close to boats and injuring fisherman.  The largest Sturgeon ever caught was a Beluga which was 26ft and tipped the scales at almost 3500lbs.

Sturgeon's caviar are highly saught after and the reason why caviar producing sturgeons are among the most valuable of all wildlife resources in a raw monetary sense.

There is no doubt that the species featured in CrazyBobs is the White Sturgeon as most other species are critically endangered due to uncontrolled over-fishing.

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