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teh_AL3x was brought into Las Venturas around 23:34 P.M. Central Time on January 4th, 2009. Over the course of his life he has jobbed hop from, selling guns, drugs, and his body. He now resorts to killing people for hits and trucking on the side. He lives with his best friend FaLLeN in a nice little cozy home in Las Colinas. When not in Las Venturas AL3x and FaLLeN are set aside from the harsh conditions of daily life and resort to selling drugs and cars and getting into mass police chases often resulting in a major failure and sitting jail time. AL3x is known for being nice towards people who are nice to them and not so nice to the wrong doers. AL3x and FaLLeN are the soul-founders of "teh_Poopehs!" an anarchy group who's soul purpose is to help those who are wanted and being chased escape the clutches of the law, often causing them to be chased because of a Law Enforcement murder. They do not help the people who deserve to rot in a cell. This service is often free of charge and not known to exist.

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