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You can start a trash pickup mission by pressing the Sub-Mission Key or by typing /mission while driving a Trashmaster.

Mis trash 1
Whenever the you start the mission, five checkpoints will appear throughout the current city. You get a bonus for each checkpoint driven you drive through. If you manage to get to all checkpoints in under six game hours, the mission is complete and you get an additional bonus.

Mis trash 2
Press the Sub-Mission Key or type /mission at any time during a trash pickup mission to get the list of the pickup locations.

Type /cancel at any time during a trash pickup mission to cancel the mission. If you lose your Trashmaster during a mission it will automatically cancel.

Trash Pickup Mission - Video

CBCNR Video - Trash Pickup Mission03:42

CBCNR Video - Trash Pickup Mission.mp4


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