This page details how we like our articles and infoboxes to look.

Writing Style

We want this Wiki to have a fun atmosphere that reflects the playfulness and informal nature of the server and the CrazyBobs website. Writing in the First and Third person is not only allowed, but encouraged! You may write in whatever style you like, so long as the information is clear, concise and correct.

Also, try to use proper grammar, we understand CrazyBobs is an international server and English might not be your first language, but do try your best.

Profile Pages

Your Profile Page is your domain. You may design it however you like and post content to your heart's desire. We have made a User Infobox designed to be placed on Profile Pages, but you certainly don't have to use it. You can make your page a Groups and Gangs dedicated page, fill it with Profanity or plaster your poorly taken in-game screenshots all over the place! The only thing we ask is that you don't tamper with other ↵people's Profile Pages as outlined in the Rules.


We like most pages to have an Infobox. Infoboxes provide a quick reference who want to quickly find out information about the page's topic without having to read it all! Please make sure to insert the correct infobox on the correct page. They are all easily labelled for you.

Image Naming Convention

Do try to name images you upload appropriate names. This helps with locating them in the future. 1323233ihfabkj2k34ugasdf.jpg is a lot harder to find than San_Fierro_Hospital.jpg.

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