This page lists the rules that all Registered Users and Staff must follow on this Wiki.
By joining this Wiki, you acknowledge that you have familiarized yourself with these rules.


  1. Vandalism is not tolerated and will result in an instant 1 month ban.
  2. All Registered Users and Staff must remain civil towards one another at all times. Playful banter is allowed.
  3. Racism is not allowed anywhere on the Wiki and will result in a ban.
  4. Making lots of extremely small, pointless edits or repeatedly editing an article to purposefully increase personal edit count and achievement points is highly frowned upon and will result in a ban.
  5. No articles dedicated to Individual Groups and Gangs are allowed. You can display your Group or Gang however you like on your own personal Profile Page and you may make banner style templates. The only exception are articles purely documenting highly renown groups such as All Blue or ACE that are to be created by users granted special permission. For more information, read Groups and Gangs Pages.
  6. Likewise, no articles dedicated to Individual Players are allowed. You can display yourself however you like on your own personal Profile Page. The only exception are articles purely documenting highly renown Individuals such as CrazyBob or Mr. X that are to be created by Administrators only.
  7. No articles or content dedicated to speculation of Administrator Abilities are allowed. Any content will be swiftly deleted.
  8. No clothing guides or any kind of information detailing the locations or techniques used to obtain clothing items are allowed, particularly in BOTs articles.
  9. Foreign languages are not allowed in Articles. Feel free to speak your language everywhere else so long as it does not violate Rules 2 or 3.
  10. Users must not edit other User's Profile Pages. Report any vandalism to an Administrator immediately. Administrators reserve the right to place banners, make adjustments and correct edits.
  11. Registered Users should not attempt to contact Wiki staff regarding ingame bans. All ban inquiries are to be posted on the Banned/Can't Connect? Board on the CrazyBobs forum.
  12. Registered Users should not ask to be given Wiki Staff privileges. If you display Wiki Staff qualities, we will find you. CrazyBobs Administrators interested in an Administrator position will be given the privilege via correspondence on the CrazyBobs Forum.

Acting Bureaucrats reserve the right to change these rules at any time to serve in the best interest of the Wiki and it's contributors. They also reserve the right to enact a ban of an indiscriminate length for any kind of disruptive behavior towards the Wiki and it's contributors for any reason that may not be included in the above Wiki Rules.

Please Note that in addition to these Rules, all Users must comply with the Wikia Terms of Use.

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