This page lists all current Wiki Staff members on the CrazyBobs Cops and Robbers Wiki.


Positions available for CnR Admins

Wiki Adopter
BiggestShip65 Pic
CnR Admin
Depleted Pic
Wiki Veteran
John877 Pic
Flag of Australia BiggestShip65 Bureaucrat Flag of the United Kingdom Depleted Bureaucrat Flag of the United States of America John877 Admin
CnR Admin
Rashon Pic
CnR Admin
Everything Pic
CnR Admin
Kratos Pic
Flag of the United States of America Rashon125 Admin Flag of the United States of America Everything0 Admin Flag of India OfficialKratos Admin


Also known as Rollback or Patrollers

ACE Team Member
MarcusReed27 pic
Wiki Veteran
Jayince Staff Pic
Flag of Brazil MarcusReed27 Badge Flag of Spain Jayince Badge

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